Kids Breakfast Recipes Idea1 - Mini Uthapam, Chutney and Orange Juice

Mini Uthapam,Chutney and Orange Juice
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so skipping / eating less makes us tired easily.I have heard mothers complaining that kids usually skip breakfast or eat very little in their hurry burry to catch the bus to school.I face the same challenge of feeding mittu daily, but from this year I've started to give her breakfast first....then when she is about to leave I feed her with milk / juice. When I give milk first, it fills her tummy and she doesn't eat breakfast properly so from this year I changed her routine as suggested by her doctor.Also in the last minute its easy for her to drink so even if she leaves half the milk I don't mind as I know her breakfast will keep her tummy full till snack / lunch time.

My sis kept telling me to post either kids breakfast ideas  / back from school snacks ideas as series but I felt kids breakfast is more important and will be useful so thought to start with this one....As the lunchbox series is nearing the 25th menu this week, thought to start with this one.The breakfast menu idea that I post here is my own idea and will be based on what I feed for my daughter or sometimes ideas inspired from friends and relatives too.So it will be alternative posts of kids lunchbox and breakfast ideas....hope you find it useful! Your suggestions and feedbacks are most welcome...and I am waiting! :)

Now lets get on to today's menu : Mini Uthapam,Chutney and Orange Juice.

Kids Breakfast Recipes Idea1 - Mini Uthapam,Chutney and Orange Juice

Preparation Time : 20 mins | Cooking Time : 40 mins
Recipe Category: LunchBox | Recipe Cuisine: South Indian

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Here is the kids breakfast menu 1:

Mini Uthappam
Coriander Chutney
Tomato Chutney
Orange Juice Version1 , Version2

My Notes:

Mini Uthapam,Chutney and Orange Juice