Lachha Paratha Recipe / How to make lachcha paratha

Lachha Paratha Recipe
Lachha Paratha Recipe was on my to try list since a year.Lachha Paratha is a multi layered flat bread or to make it simple it is Whole Wheat Paratha which is famous in Punjabi Cuisine.Lachha Paratha also called as Lachedar Paratha...'Lachcha' is a hindi word which means a group of strands so that explains it all why this paratha is named so. Lachha Paratha was on my to do list since a year and finally I tried it few months back, Actually I tried lachha paratha last year itself after seeing my friends post , it came out good but I couldn't get the layers perfectly then totally forgot about this paratha.Recently when I saw this in a menu card of a restaurant tada the light shined and I made it the next day itself and clicked.But this time I am completely satisfied, the layers were beautifully shown and the taste was soo good.After that I have made it around 3-4 times and now its going to be regular atleast for mittus sake :)

I love all North Indian food so this is no exception, and to my surprise mittu loved it too.This lachha paratha  is sure a better alternate for maida parotta, this is sure suited for kids and we can occasionally have it when we are craving for parotta ;)

Lachha Paratha Recipe

Lachha Paratha Recipe

Preparation Time:30 mins | Cooking Time : 10 mins | Makes:around 8 parathas
Recipe Category: Main | Recipe Cuisine: North Indian

Wheat Flour - 2 cups
Ghee - 2 tbsp + as required to toast
Oil - if needed to toast
Salt - to taste
Water - as required


  1. In a wide mixing bowl add wheat flour, salt and first give a quick mix for salt to be even. Then add water little by little, gather to form a soft pliable dough.The dough should not be too tight or too loose, it should be non sticky at this stage.Allow it to rest for atleast 30mins.
    Lachha Paratha Recipe - Step1
  2. Now pinch a big lemon sized ball and roll it as thin as possible.Now apply 1/2-3/4 tsp ghee on the paratha such that ghee is evenly applied, then sprinkle little wheat flour on it.
    How to make lachha paratha - Step1
  3. From one end start to make pleats as shown below.Take a small strip and fold it backwards making pleats till the other edge is reached.It should look like this after the pleat is done.Just swing the strip so that it stretches a bit, don't overdo.
    How to make lachha paratha - Step2
  4. Roll it and bring one edge towards the other edge in a circular manner as shown below.Gently take the outer edge and press it inwards so that its sealed and doesn't open up whil rolling.
    How to make lachha paratha - Step3
  5. Press it slightly to flatten it.Now roll the paratha to 1/4 inch thickness as shown below.Dust flour as and when needed.
    How to make lachha paratha - Step4
  6. Now heat a dosa tawa, place the paratha  once bubbles start appearing on one side turn to other side.Cook in medium heat.Drizzle ghee / oil and toast till brown spots appear on both the sides.Repeat the process till the dough gets over.
    How to make lachha paratha - Step4
Serve hot with any gravy of your choice.
Lachha Paratha Recipe

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Lachha Paratha Recipe