Poori Masala - Kids Breakfast Recipe Idea3

Poori Masala

Poori Masala is a classic combo for breakfast and am sure most kids would love it.I usually make poori masala during weekends for mittu and attimes when she demands for lunchbox I make it during weekdays also. Yes I have included it in my lunchbox menu too, yet to post it.Just for her sake I make mini pooris, just roll a big poori and cut it into small small circles with a lid.I made this menu simple with milk as poori masala itself is heavy so you can serve it with plain milk and sugar.

Mittu loves poori masala from Annapoorna and I havent seen her order anything else whenever we dine there.These days its been a custom for her to ask Can we go to Annapoorna? after our weekend outing. Okay I admit she takes after me in this case...My staple order during my childhood days was Poori Masala especially when we are at Annapoorna.She is very specific about that particular hotels poori masala, yes the potato masala they serve is quite different and am still trying to guess the ingredients and method just for her sake. Annapoorna Sambar is famous but taste the potato masala they serve and am sure you will get addicted to it too :) And Poori as I have mentioned in my post, they use a little rava for making poori crispy and it stays puffed up for long.

The tiny flower basket photoframe is a very special gift to me...yes it was from mittu for my bday last month.She accompanied her dad when he went to buy gift and she was very particular to give a separate gift for me. She picked this herself and asked her dad to buy. She almost spilled the beans by telling what she got for me ;) and was waiting for the bday eve to give this.I was soo touched to hear her say Amma this should be on your desktop desk so that it is always in your view....:) This is the best cherish able gift I've ever received for my day!!

Poori Masala

Kids Breakfast Recipes Idea3 - Poori Masala , Milk

Preparation Time : 20 mins | Cooking Time : 15 mins
Recipe Category: Breakfast | Recipe Cuisine: Indian

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Poori Masala