Baby Corn Pepper Fry Recipe - Baby Corn Stir Fry with Pepper

Baby Corn Pepper Fry Recipe
Baby Corn Pepper Fry is my recent trial though I have tried this recipe with other veggies like mushroom and gobi.I love anything pepper flavoured and mittu takes after me so I make sure to add pepper powder in most of the dishes I cook for her lunchbox either for stuffing for parathas or for any rice or even for pulaos....I try to replace red chilli with pepper where ever possible, she loves pepper flavour very much so she doesnt complaint at all.I actually started to buy baby corn regularly only after mittu started to like the veggie so whenever I see a pack of fresh baby corn I buy it.

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Baby Corn Pepper Fry Recipe

Baby Corn Pepper Fry Recipe

Preparation Time:10minutes | Cooking Time : 15 mins | Serves:2
Recipe Category: Main | Recipe Cuisine: South Indian

Baby Corn - 8
Big Onion - 1 small sized chopped finely
Ginger Garlic Paste - 1 tsp
Garam Masala Powder - 1/2 tsp
Capsicum - 3 tbsp finely chopped
Salt - to taste

To roast and grind:

Pepper - 3/4 tsp
Fennel Seeds - 3/4 tsp

To temper:

Oil - 3 tsp
Jeera - 1/2 tsp
Curry leaves - a small sprig


  1. Rinse baby corn, trim the edges and cut them into thin rounds,Set aside.Dry roast pepper and fennel seeds for 3mins or until nice aroma comes,Cool down and grind it coarsely.I used my mortar and pestle,Set aside.Heat a pan with oil - add the items listed under 'to temper' let it splutter.How to make baby corn pepper fry - Step1
  2. Then add ginger garlic paste and saute for a minute then add onion and saute till it becomes transparent.Then add pepper fennel powder.
    How to make baby corn pepper fry - Step2
  3. Add garam masala powder,capsicum, required salt and saute for 2mins.Then add baby corn.
    How to make baby corn pepper fry - Step3
  4. Give a quick mix,sprinkle little water and cook covered for 5-7mins(check inbetween and flip over to avoid burning at the bottom).If it sticks add little more oil and keep cooking until baby corn turns soft and has absorbed the flavours...then switch off.Baby Corn Pepper Fry Recipe
Serve hot with rice / roti or enjoy it as a appetizer like I did :)

My Notes:

Baby Corn Pepper Fry Recipe