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Basundi Recipe
Basundi is a rich creamy delicacy made with thickened milk.To me basundi always reminds me of my childhood days spent with my thatha, he goes crazy after sweets and I have taken his genes completely when it comes to sweets.I have been with him to rotary meetings so many times and we used to wait for the dessert part , once they served basundi and that was the best basundi I've every tasted till now, the taste still lingers.So when I planned to post basundi according to me chiroli nuts is a must so I got a pack of chiroli nuts to make this rich delicacy.

Actually I made this basundi to post for Diwali but since I was pressed for time I couldn't post it so here I am with this special recipe for New Year!! Yes I waited for the clock to strike 12' to post this :)

Wishing you all a very happy New Year 2015!!
Basundi Recipe

Basundi Recipe - Ingredients

Preparation Time : 5 mins | Cooking Time : 10 mins | Serves : 2
Recipe Category: Sidedish | Recipe Cuisine: Indian

Milk - 1/2 liter(2 cups)
Sugar - 4 tbsp
Condensed milk - 2 tbsp
Chopped Nuts(pista,cashews,almonds) - 1.5 tbsp
Chiroli Nuts - 2 tbsp
Saffron - 3 strands
Powdered Nuts - 1 tsp(optional)
Cardamom powder - a pinch


  1. Chop the nuts and get it ready.I had some leftover nuts powdered after making this ladoos so used that also, but thats purely optional.
    How to make basundi - Step1
  2. Take a pan - add milk and simmer it till it is reduced to almost half.It may take atleast 20mins so keep stirring in between so that it doesnt get burnt at the bottom.Now add condensed milk to it and whisk it well.Keep stirring to avoid burning at the bottom.
    How to make basundi - Step2
  3. Crush saffron strands and add it.The color of milk will change to slightly yellow color, after saffron is added, let it boil for atleast 5-7mins in low flame.You can see malai forming,Keep stirring.Now add sugar and whisk it well.Scrap the sides.
    How to make basundi - Step3
  4. Once milk is thick and creamy with malai formed add the nuts and let it simmer for 2mins.
    How to make basundi - Step4
  5. Add nuts powder along with cardamom powder.Once it is thick and creamy switch off.As it cools downs it may get more thick.Chill it for atleast an hr.
    How to make basundi - Step5
Serve chilled.

Basundi Recipe

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Basundi Recipe

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