Zone by The Park - Bazaar Restaurant Review Part 2

Hope you have read my experiences at the hotel premises in Part1.Now here is my restaurant review.The food was soo good that I am sure I must have put some extra pounds ;)

Bazaar is the in-dining restaurant by Zone.

The ambience is neat with ample amount of day light.There are colored water bottles in each table.

Many ancient and traditional utensils are neatly showcased which includes pithalai sombu,goli soda,petromax light,idiyappam press etc.It also included lovely cutleries which any food blogger would love to grab.
This is the dining area with a buffet lunch neatly organised and arranged.
I was surprised to a mortar and pestle with freshly ground pepper sure needs a special mention.A mobile food cart is placed in a corner of the dining area, it is still not in action so we couldn't experience it.But we heard that it seems to have all street foods that includes chats as well....So the food includes many cuisines in the buffet as well as alcarte  and in addition to this mobile cart.

The colored water bottles are unique and eye catchy too.

So the next day after the team returned back from Annapoorna breakfast we had a interaction session with Chef Kumaran.He explained us the concept and meaning of tastes, flavours, perfect omlette making and smoothies.

I was really surprised and happy at the same time when few of them recognised when I said author of Sharmis Passions....That was sure a feel good moment for me!! :)


See all our volunteers in action.We were given a daba and we were asked to smell and guess the ingredient oh yes we were blind folded.None of us could identify it perfectly as there were 2 spices in the dabba and we couldnt identify them.And few of them even was asked to taste fresh fruit extracts and identify the fruit.
And volunteers were asked to try Omlette after watching a video.We had a good dose of fun :)

The lunch buffet spread was wide and nice which includes Non Veg and Veg arranged separately for the visitors ease.I love their rajma patties, chicken kebab,lamb curry and chettinad potato varuval and of course biryani.The biryani rice was perfectly cooked with mild flavours and the spice level was medium which is perfect for me.
There were many continental dishes which included salads, pita bread,some pesto sauces,pastas, cheesey aubergine casserole and many more which I coudn't remember.The pic is from the second day lunch buffet menu, please don't judge the buffet seeing my plate ;) I chose to keep simple with my lunch to reserve my appetite for the desserts section :) But I tell you just the desserts sight is enough to increase anyone's appetite.
Thin Crust Pizzas are their speciality.I just loved thier pizzas and can easily say this is one of the best pizzas I've had so far.It is so thin and its light for our tummy.They make pizzas in the open kitchen so we are even more connected with it by the look of the firwood model.
Dessert Spread 1

Dessert Spread 2
This walnut honey caramel fudge tart needs a special mention as I soo loved it that this is the only dessert I helped myself for second serving...and the instant I tasted it I wanted to try it at home :) 


The brownie was fudgy and chocolatey...truly my kind.The cakes and pastries are so eye appealing to see that any kid would to grab but mine being a picky eater took all of them, came and said Amma this is all for u :) She loved the pudding varieties.


Haa how can I be without tasting hot chocolate?! Hope you all know how crazy I am when it comes to hot chocolate.It was written Zone with chocolate sauce....nice na?! But tastewise sure it lacked my kind of hot chocolate taste but it was good.


All the breads came in a basket neatly wrapped in a silky cloth.


This is breakfast buffet we were served.There were 2 varieties of bread,cornflakes,chocos,wheat flakes,cut fruits,3 varieties of jams along with which south indian spread was given on order.I went with the south indian spread of dosa and poori with muffins.The muffins were so soft and delicious, the vanilla flavour dominates in most of the vanilla muffins I've had but this one was perfect with a mild flavour and the muffins were great for breakfast!

And thats us on the last day of our getogether at the eventdinner!! :) It was a great experience meeting everyone and I am sure to cherish the meories for my lifetime!!

Wishing Zone and team a great success from all of us!!