Rice Carrot Sambar and Beans Poriyal - Kids Lunchbox Idea 38

Rice Carrot Sambar and Bean Poriyal

I am really not sure whether these days kids pack such south indian lunchbox recipes as I see and hear only tiffin items or variety rice as their favorite lunchboxes from kids and my daughter is no exception to it.

I remember during my school days it was mostly rice and poriyal with some kuzhambu or atimes variety rice and only during rare occassions amma packs me poori and chapathi or any tiffin item.But I should admit she took so much pains referring to so many tamil cookbooks to try something new, And on the other side I wouldn't touch anything new by the sight of it ;) My friends were so excited with my lunchbox than me.I don't know whether I can keep upto my mother but make sure to pack mittus lunchbox healthy at the same time include her favorites so that the lunchbox is back empty.I should say I am lucky with mittu as she isn't fussy like me.

But those days we had  aaya amma bringing lunch to school which was hot hot so rice when mixed with sambar, rasam or curd and kept can be had.But now the plight is when we mix and keep kids complain that it becomes dry however runny we keep so they always prefer to take rice and kuzhambu separately.

Rice Carrot Sambar and Bean Poriyal

Rice Carrot Sambar and Beans Poriyal

Preparation Time : 15 mins | Cooking Time : 15 mins
Recipe Category: Lunchbox | Recipe Cuisine: Indian

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Here is the kids lunchbox idea 38:

Carrot Sambar
Beans Poriyal

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Rice Carrot Sambar and Bean Poriyal