Musk Melon Ice Lollies Recipe / Cantaloupe Mini Popsicles

Musk Melon Ice Lollies
Ice Lollies / Ice Pops can be a mini version of popsicles.A month back when I was searching for interesting popsicle ideas, happened to see a picture of these ice lollies and got tempted by the cute look of it.They had used ice trays for freezing ice lollies and that seemed like a great idea.So immediately made these with musk melon / cantaloupe.These are very cute for serving kids, you can make use of any fruit juice to make these lollies.As I had 2 big muskmelons waiting, I used them up.
Musk Melon Ice Lollies

Ice Lollies Recipe

Preparation Time:8 hrs | Processing Time : 10 mins | Makes:4 popsicles
Recipe Category: Popsicles | Recipe Cuisine: Indian

Musk Melon - 2 cups chopped
Sugar - 3 tbsp
Lemon Juice - 1 tsp(optional)


  1. First cut the fruit into 2 halves. Then scrap the center seed part and discard it. Chop into cubes.Take in a blender with sugar.
    How to make musk melon ice lollies - Step1
  2. Blend it well, Now add lemon juice.Pour into ice tray.
    How to make musk melon ice lollies - Step2
  3. Wrap it with a aluminium foil.Freeze for 2 hrs.Then insert tooth picks and freeze for 8 hrs or overnight.Then carefully remove the foil and show the bottom part in running tap water.Slowly remove the lollies.
    How to make musk melon ice lollies - Step3
Serve immediately!
Musk Melon Ice Lollies

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Musk Melon Ice Lollies