Pineapple Sago Pudding / Pineapple Sago Payasam

Pineapple Sago Recipe

Pineapple Sago is a popular dessert made with pineapple, sago and milk as main ingredients.It is a rich and creamy desser, with such easily available ingredients you can make this exotic rich dessert which will sure be a crowd pleaser.I made this pineapple sago dessert few months back and I wanted to start the New Year with a sweet post this one from drafts helped me as I am not yet ready for new clicks.

I am really confused with the way it is named as pudding or kheer, But If you ask me I would just say Pineapple Sago dessert to make it simple :) This pineapple sago can be made thick and left to set as pudding or simple had as kheer with a runny consistency whichever way you like. I did not let it to set, just clicked the pictures soon after I made it.This recipe is more like mango sago that I posted a while back.
Pineapple Sago Recipe
Last  year 2015 is very special to us with the new arrival coming in October.On the blogging front, I had many long time due dishes made and posted especially the Adi 18 menu and Onam Sadya.I did finish the 50 menus target I set for kids lunchbox series and I am still sharing mittus lunchbox in instagram. I managed to post for most of the festivals this year even after gugus arrival as only till Diwali I was ready with drafts,So for Karthigai Deepam and Xmas it was mostly instant posts.Thanks to amma and hubby who motivated me and helped me by babysitting gugu when I was clicking pictures.Then I upgraded to a new DSLR last week yay for that :)) but haven't got time even to touch it, will slowly explore and use it :) till then all my posts will be from drafts.So meet you all next year :)
Wishing you all a very Happy New Year 2016!!

Pineapple Sago Recipe - Ingredients

Preparation Time : 20 mins | Cooking Time : 20 mins | Serves : 2
Recipe Category: Dessert | Recipe Cuisine: World

Pineapple - 1/2 cup chopped
Milk(Boiled & Cooled) - 1/2 cup
Sago - 1/2 cup
Sugar - 1/4 cup
Condensed Milk - 1/8 cup


  1. Take chopped pineapple pieces in a pan add a tbsp of sugar to it, add 1/4 cup water and let it cook for a while till the pineapple pieces become soft without any water.Set asideHow to make mango sago - Step1
  2. Take enough water in a pan, add sago to it and cook it.Switch off when it becomes transparent, drain all the water and set aside.
    How to make mango sago - Step2
  3. Add milk to a pan and heat it up, simmer for 5mins.Now add condensed milk and sugar.
    How to make mango sago - Step4
  4. Cook for few mins then add sago and simmer for atleast 10mins.
    How to make mango sago - Step3
  5. Stir in between so that it doesnt get stuck to the bottom.Simmer until you see the milk thick.
    How to make mango sago - Step5
  6. You can see the milk has reduced in volume and also has a thick, creamy consistency.Switch off.
    How to make mango sago - Step5
  7. Cool down completely then add cooked pineapple and give a quick stir.Keep covered for few mins and then pour in serving glass and refrigerate it for 30mins,
    How to make mango sago - Step5
Serve chilled with cut pineapples as topping.
Pineapple Sago Recipe

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Pineapple Sago Recipe