Rice Porridge for Babies using Homemade Rice Cereal

Rice Porridge for Babies

This rice porridge using homemade rice cereal is the first solid food I started for gugu soon after he completed 6months but this porridge is suitable for babies from 5th month itself.Initially he didn't like it, then I tried adding carrot / dal water now I have started adding veg purees to the porridge and slowly he started liking it.

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But remember mothers feed is the best and its always good to start with other food only after the baby finishes 6 months.This 4-5 months baby food recipes will help those who are not able to breast feed due to personal / medical conditions.Always consult your paediatrician before introducing any new food.

Rice Porridge for Babies

Rice Porridge - Ingredients

Preparation Time : 10 mins | Cooking Time : 15 mins | Makes: 2 feeds
Recipe Category: Baby Food | Recipe Cuisine: Indian

Homemade Rice Cereal - 2 tbsp
Water - 3/4 cup
Carrot Water - 1/4 cup
Dal water - 1/4 cup
Salt - to taste(optional)
*NOTE:Please adjust the quantity as per your baby needs.I have used 2tbsp just for picture sake, you may need only  2-3 tsp for your baby


  1. Take rice cereal, measure and take in a pan.Add water and whisk it well.Do this off the flame.
    How to make Rice Porridge for Babies - Step1
  2. Now heat it up.Cook till it becomes thick, cook in low flame so that it gets cooked well.
    How to make Rice Porridge for Babies - Step2
  3. Add salt if adding.Now it has reached the desired consistency.It should be thick as well as flowing.It gets even more thick after cooling down.Feed it warm as such or you can flavour it as needed.
    Hot to make Rice Porridge for Babies - Step3
  4. Sterilise the serving bowl.Transfer the porridge to the serving bowl, add carrot water / dal water mix well and feed.
    Hot to make Rice Porridge - Step4
Feed warm.
How to make Rice Porridge for Babies

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Rice Porridge for Babies

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