Rose Falooda Recipe - How to make Rose Falooda

Rose Falooda Recipe

Rose Falooda is my favorite.Falooda is a rich layered summer dessert made with milk,jelly,sabja seeds,vermicelli as main ingredients topped up with icecream.

I wanted to try Rose Falooda with homemade rose jelly,syrup and icecream so made the icecream and kept.But had other works that I couldn't make jelly at that time by the time I made jelly homemade vanilla icecream was already wiped clean, so went ahead with store bought iceream.There can be several versions of falooda recipes,now here is mine.The present form of Falooda was developed by the Mughal empire

Making falooda at home is very easy when you have gathered all the ingredients, I loved assembling the ingredients.Mittu just loved it so much and asked if  I can make it often :)

Rose Falooda Recipe

You can make the jelly and syrup the previous day,others all its easy you can make it and assemble and serve.

Rose Falooda Recipe

Homemade Rose Falooda Recipe - Ingredients

Preparation Time : 10 mins | Cooking Time : 15 mins | Makes : 2 glasses
Recipe Category: Dessert | Recipe Cuisine: Indian

Rose Jelly - 1/2 cup
Rose Syrup - 2 tsp
Fine Vermicelli - a handful
Milk - 2 cups
Icecream - Any flavour any of your choice(I used Vanilla)
Sabja Seeds - 1 tbspn
Water - as needed


  1. Take a handful of fine vermicelli,Boil water and add to it.Water should be little more than the immersing level.
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  2. Cook until soft.Rinse it well,drain and set aside.
    How to make Rose Falooda Recipe - Step2
  3. Soak sabja seedsin water,strain and set aside.Chop jellies roughly,Set aside.Boil milk,let it simmer for 15mins or until slightly thick,Switch off and set aside to cool.
    How to make Rose Falooda Recipe - Step3
  4. Take milk in a bowl,add rose syrup.My rose syrup had sugar in it so I didn't add sugar.If you are adding rose essence then add sugar.Mix well,transfer to a jug.
    How to make Rose Falooda Recipe - Step4
  5. Chill rosemilk,Chill the serving glass atleast 30mins before assembling.Get ready with your ingredients.
    How to make Rose Falooda Recipe - Step5
  6. First add a layer of jelly at the bottom.Then add rose syrup.
    How to make Rose Falooda Recipe - Step6
  7. Then add a layer of cooked vermicelli.Then add a layer of sabja.
    How to make Rose Falooda Recipe - Step7
  8. Now add chilled rose milk.This will come to 3/4th of the glass.
    How to make Rose Falooda Recipe - Step8
  9. Now scoop vanilla icecream and add it.Garnish with rose jelly.
    How to make Rose Falooda Recipe - Step9
Serve chilled.
Rose Falooda Recipe

You can eat it as such or use it in any desserts ,puddings or cakes.I loved it to have with chilled milk and ofcourse  falooda too.

My Notes:

Rose Falooda Recipe

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