Aval Javvarisi Payasam / Poha Sago Kheer Recipe

Aval Javvarisi Payasam

I always wanted to try this Aval Javvarisi Payasam after seeing the combination in a TV show.As Gokulashtami is nearing thought to try this and post it .Aval / Poha is the main ingredient we offer to Lord Krishna for Gokulashtami, we usually make Aval Payasam or Aval Urundai this time I wanted to try a new variation and made this today.

I am leaving to native tomorrow so thought to start posting Krishna Jayanthi Recipes a bit in advance :) Will be back with other recipes from Monday.

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Aval Javvarisi Payasam

Aval Javvarisi Payasam

Preparation Time:10 mins | Cooking Time : 15 mins | Serves:2
Recipe Category: Kheer | Recipe Cuisine: Indian

Aval(Poha) - 1/2 cup
Javvarisi(Sago) - 1/4 cup
Jaggery - 1/2 cup
Milk - 1/2 cup
Water - 1 and 1/2 cups
Ghee - 1 tsp
Cardamom powder - a tiny pinch
Cashews - 5 whole broken


  1. Soak jaggery in warm water(till immersing level) , crush it well. Then heat it up until it is slightly thick (no string consistency needs to be checked).Cool down,Strain and keep aside.
    How to make Aval Javvarisi Payasam - Step1
  2. Rinse sago well and strain water.Take it in a pan.
    How to make Aval Javvarisi Payasam - Step2
  3. Add water and cook in low flame until it is cooked , it should be soft and it will look transparent.
    How to make Aval Javvarisi Payasam - Step3
  4. Strain,rinse it again in cold water and set aside.Rinse poha few times, and soak it in water for 10mins.Once all the water is absorbed and the poha becomes soft, then you are ready.
    How to make Aval Javvarisi Payasam - Step4
  5. Saute poha in 1/2 tsp ghee for 2mins,then add jaggery syrup.If your jaggery syrup is very thin and watery  then thicken it in a seperate pan and then add it.Mine was already thick so added it directly.
    How to make Aval Javvarisi Payasam - Step5
  6. Now add cooked sago and cook for few mins until the syrup is blended well with sago and poha.It will become thick this is the right stage,switch off and cool down.
    How to make Aval Javvarisi Payasam - Step6
  7. It will be slightly thickish,Set aside.Now fry cashews in ghee till golden brown,set aside.Boil milk and simmer for 10mins to make it thick.Switch off and cool down completely.
    How to make Aval Javvarisi Payasam - Step7
  8. Add milk, then ghee fried cashews and cardamom powder,mix well.
    How to make Aval Javvarisi Payasam - Step8
Serve warm / chilled!
Aval Javvarisi Payasam

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Aval Javvarisi Payasam

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