Seedai Recipes for Gokulashtami,Krishna Jayanthi

Gokulashtami Seedai Recipes - Krishna Jayanthi Seedai Recipes 
Gokulashtami marks the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna.We usually offer homemade butter and aval for Lord Krishna on the day as butter and aval are his most favourites.Janmashtami is celebrated for the birth of Hindu Lord Sri Krishna.This year 2014,Gokulashtami / Sri Krishna Jayanthi falls on 25th August .People in Tamil Nadu mostly usually serve aval(poha) dishes and fresh homemade butter as naivedyam to Lord Krishna and draw footprints in houses to symbolise Krishna's childhood sport of stealing butter from houses :) The foot print is drawn with a special homemade flour made into a batter and drawn with hands.

Here is a collection of easy and traditional seedai recipes some recipes are very easy which takes just 10 mins to prepare and 20 mins of cooking time.The collection includes sweets and savoury seedai recipes.

You can find a collection of seedai recipes which includes uppu seedai,sweet seedai,rava seedai,maida seedai etc
Homemade Rice FlourUrad Dal FlourHomemade ButterHomemade Ghee
Uppu SeedaiVella SeedaiMaida SeedaiRava Seedai

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