Badam Katli Recipe - Easy Badam Katli Recipe

Badam Katli Recipe
Badam Katli is a quick and easy sweet that I tried few days back.To me burfi is hard but I can say this is soft burfi...won't hurt right?! ;) When I posted Kaju Katli recipe, I had few of my friends asking to post easy sweet recipes that doesn't call for sugar syrup consistencies which will be easy for beginners.So I tried the same Kaju Katli Recipe in a different method, so yes this method doesn't call for any syrup consistency check,just add the badam powder once the sugar dissolves and keep mixing till it forms a ball..How easy is that?! Even if you miss the consistency you can again cook for few mins to get it right, so this will be the easiest recipe for any beginner to try for this Diwali 2016.

If you have powdered badam in hand then making this sweet can finish in just 15mins its that easy.If you like saffron flavour you can grind a pinch of saffron along with badams and make Kesar Badam Katli.

Badam Katli Recipe

The only challenge here is powdering badam but its not that tricky like cashews I felt.Please read my notes fully before you proceed.

I was overjoyed to see mittu enjoy this Badam Katli as she will not even touch kaju sweets.She loved it so much and also gave few pinches to her little brother and said 'amma he too likes it so make it often'...what else?! :)

Badam Katli Recipe

Badam Katli Recipe

Preparation Time:10 mins | Cooking Time : 10 mins | Makes:around 20 small pieces
Recipe Category: Sweets | Recipe Cuisine: Indian

Badam - 1/2 cup
Sugar - 1/4 cup heaped
Water - 1/4 cup
Melted Ghee - just for greasing


  1. Boil 1 cup water,when it starts to boil rigorously measure and add badams.Let it cook for 3mins.Switch off and rinse it in cold water.
    How to make Badam katli - Step1
  2. Now remove the skin, it will easily peel off.You know who did it for me?! Yes mittu neatly peeled the skin for all the almonds.Measure your ingredients and keep it ready.If your are badams are refrigerated, then bring to room temperature and then proceed.Ensure your mixer is completely dry.Transfer badams to a mixer
    How to make Badam katli - Step1
  3. Grind it to a semi fine powder.Don't overdo as the badams will leave out oil and the whole mixture will turn sticky.See my badam powder was this coarse.Set aside
    How to make Badam katli - Step2
  4. Take sugar in a thick bottomed kadai,Now add water.Stir in till sugar dissolves.
    How to make Badam katli - Step3
  5. Then it starts to bubble up.Once the sugar completely dissolves and it starts to bubble up,add the badam mixture.
    How to make Badam katli - Step4
  6. Keep stirring in low flame.
    How to make Badam katli - Step5
  7. Add cardamom powder,keep stirring.Scrap the sides and keep cooking.
    How to make Badam katli - Step6
  8. It will become dry and starts rolling like this.It should be like a flexible dough.The dough should be slightly dry, but should be soft and flexible so switch off accordingly.You can even try rolling a tiny ball, if it forms then that's the correct consistency.It took me around 12 mins for forming the dough.Switch off and let it cool down for 5 mins.
    How to make Badam katli - Step7
  9. When its still warm, knead it well.If you feel the mixture is dry add 1/2 tsp ghee and then knead it.I didn't use as it was easy for me to gather and knead.Place the dough on a plate.
    How to make Badam katli - Step8
  10. Now lay a butter paper over it,slightly apply ghee.Now start rolling with a chapathi roller to 1/4 inch thick.And cut into diamonds.
    How to make Badam katli - Step9
  11. First draw vertical lines then criss cross it to form diamond shapes.Now you have the liberty to enjoy the edge uneven pieces :)Now separate the pieces.I collected the extras,kneaded rolled again and cut into pieces, this way you can eliminate the uneven edge pieces.
    How to make Badam katli - Step10
Cool down and store in airtight container.
Badam Katli Recipe

My Notes:

See the tiny hands trying to reach the katlis...yes he is always around me and wants to taste check everything :(
Badam Katli Recipe

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