Milton MicroWow - Microwaveable Casserole Review

Everyone would wish to have food that is hot and fresh while it is always challenging for homemakers & office goers to make every meal to be served hot on the table. I wondered if there is a quick fix for this challenge and that's when I came across Milton's Microwow Casserole.

Milton has introduced World's First Microwave Safe Insulated Steel Casserole. Yes you read it right. You can reheat the food directly using the casserole itself. This is sure going to be a revolutionary technology of using steel containers in the microwave...Cool right?!

So this one day, my hubby was back from office early and he was very hungry. I had no Dosa batter at home but had some leftover Veg Pulao that I had sent for Mittu’s (my daughter) lunchbox. But it was cold. But by the time my hubby came back from shower, I had reheated the Pulao using the Milton MicroWow casserole. And piping hot Pulao was ready on the table in few minutes! He enjoyed an early dinner and I was a happy wife. :)

I also loved the bright colors of the casseroles and sizes they have come up with. They are very convenient and kitchen friendly too. Plus, they are dishwasher safe as well.

This casserole is sure going to be a hit, especially with working women who can prepare food when she finds time, then reheat and serve it when the family sits to eat.

Try out this new range that lets you spend less time in the kitchen so that you can utilize it to spend time with kids & family :)

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The other day I wanted to make an easy lunch so that I can combine it for Mittu's evening snack time as I was tired after the festive season. I quickly cut all the vegetables I had in hand, pressure cooked with Pav Bhaji masala powder and made the Bhaji ready. I had it with Phulkas for lunch; I reheated and served it with Pav Buns for Mittu’s evening snack. She loved it so much! I was surprised that the Bhaji was warm even when hubby ate it a few hours later.

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Reheat the food in the Microwave mode without lid maximum for 5 minutes at 600 watts power and hot food is ready as if it was cooked now.

This post is sponsored by Milton MicroWow Casseroles .Check out their advertisement and I am sure you will love it as I did :)