Showing Off....& some mobile talks ;)

For the past 8-9months or so, one often asked question from my friends and relatives is : So whats the new mobile model u got? Yes everyone knws abt my mobile mania....But the truth is for athe past months I havent turned my eye towards mobiles or I didnt even think of getting a new one........and slowly now I've started browsing the mobile sites back to form :)

My first mobile was Nokia 3315 and that was the only model I dont have with me now. I got it exchanged when I got my 6610i and only later I regretted that I shouldnt have given it wud have filled in my museum now.

Now just a sneak into my mobile showcase: **Beaming with pride **
Yup I m showing off.....whats in it?!

I have already written more abt my Nokia 6610i

Nokia 7610 : I got this on a tamil new yr day its lil heavy but stylish in look!

Next is my Sony.....I was very stubborn that no other brand is as gud as Nokia till I started using Sony. Its equally gud and this is the one I m currently using.

And my search for Nokia 1600 is here

As of now these are the 4 mobiles I own....Hmm....I wish & hope I'll be back sooner with more numbers in my showcase.......;) (Hope hubby doesnt read this post).

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